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We all have a story, but it's up to us if we share it or not. I choose to share:

My name is Brittney Keoka Brown. I was born  on December 19, 1992 in Conway, Arkansas. There are two things about my birth that I find extremely interesting:

1. I was born without a name. My mama was set on naming me Keoka, but my daddy couldn't pronounce it (he still can't to this day). He would crack jokes and call me "Kemosabe," so my mama had to shut that shit down.... immediately. When my aunt came to the hospital, she sighed and said "just name her Brittney."  So here we are today. She saved the day.

2. I was born with 11 fingers. Usually when i tell people this, they immediately look for that extra finger. Sorry to break the news to you, but that finger is no longer with us.

I shared the story about how I was named because even though my name was thrown together at the last minute, it was still something special. To this day, I am the only Brittney Keoka that I know of, and that is super dope. It reminds me daily that we are all different. You are not like me, and I am not like you, and that is not okay... it's better. 

What about the finger? The finger is relevant because I always have my fingers in a lot of things (sometimes I wish I still had that extra nub to help me type faster). Today my little fingers can be found in my three creative outlets.

 1. I am a strategist.  I help clients identify opportunities to increase loyalty to their brand.

Create a relevant vibe. Give consumers a reason to vibe with you. Need help? I got you.

2. I am a DJ. Let's take a ride on a train. I am the conductor and you are the passenger. As the passenger, you just bought a ticket to your destination.

Where would like to go? Tell me, and I can take you there.

3. I am an entrepreneur. This year I launched Neoteric to celebrate individuals who are constantly birthing new ideas. The individuals who have agency over their minds (their ideas) which leads to agency over their bodies (their work).

If that's you, let's chat. I want to celebrate you.


I think I read somewhere that bio's should be short. Cleary, I broke that rule (no shock there). So I'll end with this... now that you know a little bit about me, I can't wait to grab french fries with you and listen to your story!

With Love, 

Brittney Keoka.